Intentionally Productive: Be productive, not busy

What is Intentionally Productive?

Young female professional sitting at desk and smiling to camera

Intentionally Productive™ is a framework of principles and practices designed to help you make a greater impact with less effort.

This framework resulted from Eric Mack’s 30 years of experience and research in knowledge management, productive work-methods, and technology. At the Eric Mack Company, we use it to help our clients work smarter with their existing tools, so they can be productive instead of busy.

Each part of our plan corresponds to specific principles and practices that we teach. As we work with you, we will assess your work style to customize the steps in our plan for your greatest benefit.

The 7 Steps of our Intentionally Productive Framework

StepThis step is about how to…Examples of specific topics within this step
Think differentlyDefine and change your mindset to change the way you workHow to think about your knowledge, methods, and tools in concert
Manage your focus Engineer your environment, systems, and mental habits to maximize your focus Manage distractions (both external and internal)

Your desktop and you: Rearrange your environment
Leverage your knowledgeOrganize, process, and share your most valuable asset: what you knowHow to capture knowledge to make sense to your future self

How to get constructive input from others
Master your methodsGet the most from your tools to get more done with less effort.Email effectiveness

How to work with distributed teams
Make your tools work for youUse the tools at your disposal to share actions and knowledge with your team for greater impact Shatter the great T-myth

How to choose the right tools for yourself

Configure your tools to attract your mind
Habitualize everythingMake success predictable using habits and routinesCreate effective checklists

How to identify and form good habits
Improve continuouslyReview your past to improve your futureReview your systems and habits to keep them running smoothly

Use after-action reviews to learn from what you do