Personalized Training Services

Ready for training?

Here’s what you get:

Session 1Workflow Assessment to uncover your needs, hear your concerns, see how you work, and create your personalized training plan.
Remaining sessionsWe will implement your personal training roadmap to cover your selected topics (at a pace that works for you).

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In our personal training program (which is more structured than our 1:1 coaching), we walk you through selected modules from our library, with an instructional style focused on your needs and ideal pace.

Your individualized training program may include any or all of the following from our library of training modules:

  • How to Recover from Overwhelm
  • Productivity Essentials
  • Which Tools to Use for What
  • Which Tools Do What
  • Managing Your Information
  • Managing Your Projects and Tasks
  • Communication Methods and Tools
  • Effective Meetings and Shared Decision-Making
  • Team Information-Management
  • Team Project-Management
  • Your Toolkit and How It Works
  • Execution: Managing Your Work
  • Productive Habits: How to Form and Keep Them
  • V=KMT™ and the 8 Practices™

Once you get started, here’s what will happen next:

  • I’ll send you links to complete our preliminary web survey and schedule your preferred time for your Workflow Assessment
  • We’ll meet to conduct your Workflow Assessment
  • We’ll decide together which training modules are best for you
  • I’ll train you in your selected modules*

*Note: We may or may not cover all contents of all chosen modules in the time available; it depends on your needs and interests (e.g., whether you want to take more time to explore certain topics).

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Money-back guarantee: no risk to you

We start all training engagements with a Workflow Assessment to give you a personal training plan. If you’re less than completely satisfied with this session (even after talking with us to see how we can make it right), let us know within 7 days of your first session, and we’ll refund 100% of your fees paid.

Want more information on the modules we offer?

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What about training for teams?

We can also present our training modules as webinars or seminars for teams. Contact us for details.