Training Modules for You

This page gives an overview of our library of modules.

After your initial assessment, I’ll help you select from these, creating a personalized training roadmap customized to your needs and interests.

Note: Though we’ve arranged these modules in a logical sequence, the numbering is only for convenient reference. We create a customized training plan for each client.

Module #TitleKey Takeaways
1How to Recover from Overwhelm
  • Build/tighten your personal system
  • Process your inputs effectively
  • Control what has your attention
  • Recognize unconscious resistance that holds you back
2Productivity Essentials
  • The power of our approach
  • Refresher: everyday productivity practices
  • Sharpen your personal organization (of reference, lists, etc.)
  • Accomplish more through clear Intention
3Which Tools to Use for What
  • Shift your perspective: software doesn’t automatically make you more productive
  • The power of V=KMT: personalizing your tools
  • Which tool to use and when
  • It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it
  • Gain confidence using the tools in your toolkit
4Which Tools Do What
  • Key capabilities of your tools
  • “Me” vs. “we” uses
  • Understand unfamiliar tools in your suite
  • Which tool to use and when
5Managing Your Information
  • Recognize what kinds of information you have
  • Sharpen your reference and sharing systems
  • Separate shared from personal
  • Organize so you can easily find and file whatever you need
6Managing Your Projects and Tasks
  • Recognize and distinguish your types of commitments
  • Tighten your trusted system
  • Align your tools with your methods
  • Accomplish more through intentional planning
7Communication Methods and Tools
  • Perspective shift: who communication is about
  • Which communication methods to use and when
  • Learn your communication toolkit
  • Clarify your messages: our know/think/do method
8Effective Meetings and Shared Decision-Making
  • There’s a better way to do meetings
  • Keep meetings focused and productive
  • How to make decisions together and stick with them
  • Politely get out of time-wasting meetings
9Information-Management with Your Team
  • Distinguish what kinds of information you share and how
  • Separate shared from personal
  • Ask the right questions re: your shared information
  • How to make and keep agreements re: your shared information
10Team Project-Management
  • Ask the right questions re: your shared projects
  • How to make and keep agreements with your team
11Your Knowledge Worker Toolkit and How to Use It
  • Identify and organize the “tools” in your knowledge worker toolkit
  • Keep track of useful questions, exercises, and other tools
  • When to use the tools in your kit
  • Diversify how you think about information and decisions
12Execution: Managing Your Work
  • The difference between doing your work and managing your work
  • Reviewing to support greater accomplishment
13Productive Habits: How to Form and Keep Them
  • Make your best behaviors into consistent habits
  • Use both goals and systems to succeed
14Tying It All Together: V=KMT and the 8 Practices
  • Consistently implement all our 8 Practices to take control of your work

Not sure which modules are right for you?

We start with a Workflow Assessment to help you determine this. Once I’ve observed how you work, I’ll create a customized training roadmap for you.

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