Our services (based on our Intentionally Productive™ Framework) are designed to help you use whatever tools you have to make a greater impact with less effort.

We offer:

  • Keynotes
  • Training and Workshops
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Consulting

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Typically between 30 and 90 minutes in length, our keynotes are customized for your key objectives, audience, and time. We have covered variety of topics in the areas of knowledge management, productivity and technology.

Examples include:

  • Faster at Work: Four Steps to Greater Impact with Less Effort
  • Optimize Your Work: Getting the Most Out of What You Have
  • Intentionally Productive: Five Key Habits to Transform the Way You Work
  • V=KMT: A Simple Formula to Transform How You Think about Your Work

Training and Workshops

Training and workshops deliver a specific outcome (for example, using OneNote to hold more effective meetings). Training sessions are typically shorter, incorporating visual aids and discussions, while workshops are typically half a day or longer and include more hands-on exercises and activities.

Back view of large group of business people having a training class in a board room.

These sessions are a great way to equip people with our Intentionally Productive concepts for making a greater impact with less effort.

Topics for training and workshops

Most of the services we provide are highly customized to our client’s audience, skill level and work requirements. The following is a list of some of the topics we have presented on and are prepared to deliver. Feel free to suggest your own.

StepThis step is about how to…Examples of specific topics within this step
Think differentlyDefine and change your mindset to change the way you workHow to think about your knowledge, methods, and tools in concert
Manage your focus Engineer your environment, systems, and mental habits to maximize your focus Manage distractions (both external and internal)

Your desktop and you: Rearrange your environment
Leverage your knowledgeOrganize, process, and share your most valuable asset: what you knowHow to capture knowledge to make sense to your future self

How to get constructive input from others
Master your methodsGet the most from your tools to get more done with less effort.Email effectiveness

How to work with distributed teams
Make your tools work for youUse the tools at your disposal to share actions and knowledge with your team for greater impact Shatter the great T-myth

How to choose the right tools for yourself

Configure your tools to attract your mind
Habitualize everythingMake success predictable using habits and routinesCreate effective checklists

How to identify and form good habits
Improve continuouslyReview your past to improve your futureReview your systems and habits to keep them running smoothly

Use after-action reviews to learn from what you do

1:1 Coaching

Our personal coaching is designed to address your specific needs and help you make a greater impact at work. Our executive coach will work with you to uncover and address your greatest challenges. 


Our consulting service helps you address a problem that requires special attention and specific expertise. Typical consulting engagements deal with strategy, information management and sharing, workflow, knowledge management, and collaboration. We offer expertise in these areas as well as IBM Notes and Office 365 to solve your unique challenges.