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We can help you if…

  • You’re a busy professional
  • You sense the way we work is broken
  • You feel there’s too much coming at you too fast
  • You think you might want help making sense of it all
  • You believe there has to be a better way to work


Our offer to you

Here’s what my team and I are offering those who take our Key Frustrations survey:

  1. Personalized recommendations for your work
  2. For a limited time, those who respond will also get a meeting with me to talk about how to implement my recommendations and enhance their work

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Here’s what I’d like you to get out of this experience (whether we meet or not):

  • A clearer sense of how to take back control of your work
  • A shift in perspective: realize how your tools and environment may have shaped your thinking (and what you can do about it)
  • Productive principles that you can apply to any circumstance
  • Personalized recommendations on how to make your work easier

If we meet, we’ll take a personal look at your processes, situation and tools at work. As I get a sense of how you work and what you need (giving you some valuable tips along the way), I’ll give you specific guidance on how to take advantage of opportunities to enhance your work.


What we can do for you

With our assessments, coaching, and training, my team and I can help you:

  • Recognize how your tools and environments push you to work unproductively
  • Get free from a tool-dependent mindset
  • See how your knowledge, methods, and tools interact to enhance (or hinder) your work
  • Combine productivity methods with your available tools to do great work
  • Work with greater organization and clarity
  • Deliver your best with less stress
  • Free yourself to disconnect from work
  • Achieve what’s most important to you

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Services we offer

Ready to jump right in?

For 30 years, I’ve coached and taught professionals and executives around the world, across many roles and industries. My experience in productivity, technology, and knowledge management has brought clarity to my clients’ work and order to their systems.

Now, my team and I have created a structured, individual training program, designed to help you learn and implement the principles I’ve discovered — in a way that supports and sharpens your current practices.

If you want a personal guide to enhance your productive practice, let’s talk.

Personal training 1:1 Coaching
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This is for you if you want… Structured, topical curriculum, personalized to you and your learning style. Help with whatever you need — we set the pace and direction together.


What we do in your coaching or training

Here are some things we help you do:

  • Identify what you need in terms of workflows, processes, and outcomes
  • Understand how your tools and work environment have conditioned you to work in less-than-optimal ways
  • Select the best tools for your purpose and requirements (often from the tools you already have)
  • Optimize how you use your tools to meet your needs
  • More effectively leverage and share your knowledge
  • Build confidence that you can deliver your best with less stress


I look forward to discussing how we can help you. Click here to start your survey (it will only take a few minutes) to tell us how you work and what’s frustrating you.


The foundation of my process

I learned to unleash the power of my work — all it took was a shift in perspective.

What was this shift? I learned to see how my knowledge, methods, and tools interact. That’s what I help you recognize.

I started out thinking my software, GTD® skills, and knowledge added up to the value I create.

I discovered a powerful truth: these things don’t add to make value. They multiply — meaning, they interact with and depend on one another.

When you create value (V), it’s because your knowledge (K), methods (M), and tools (T) multiply together.

In short, my equation: V=KMT™.

That means the greatest power is not in any one of these elements alone, but at their intersections.

Recognizing this led me to reshape my work. I’ve since refined and tested this concept with clients around the world, and it’s yielded great results.

When I coach or train you, we’ll explore what’s working well for you and what could be improved. We’ll examine your knowledge, methods, and tools and make them interact more smoothly, leading you to greater calm and control.


Why me?

Here are some of my qualifications:

  • Successful, full-time consultant since 1982
  • Worked with David Allen from his early years
  • Studied computer science since age 16
  • GTD practitioner for over 25 years*
  • Developed eProductivity, David’s “ultimate GTD tool” for 14 years
  • Coaching professionals around the world based on my V=KMT equation
  • Conference speaker on productivity, technology, knowledge, and how they intersect

Overall, I have 30+ years’ research and experience in productivity, technology, and knowledge management — not only practicing these disciplines, but combining them.

My deep experience with productivity and technology allowed me to see where their borders lie and how they interact. Recognizing how they’re connected has allowed me to exploit that connection for my benefit (and help my clients do the same).

My deep dive: The theoretical background of my equation

To further develop the ideas behind my V=KMT equation, I earned a master’s degree in Information and Knowledge Management. This allowed me to not only research the deep issues and concepts behind this formula (informed by my practical experience with GTD and other methodologies), but also test them with experts in productivity and effective work.

The practical results of my equation

Over the last several years, I’ve put my equation to the test in presentations, seminars, and coaching. Many of my clients have described it as eye-opening— and most importantly, it’s made a practical difference in how they work.

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*While GTD has been invaluable to my own productivity, I am not a GTD coach or partner.


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