How Training Can Help You

Whether your training focuses on tools, productivity methods, or knowledge, my aim is always to help you integrate all aspects of your work and shape your thinking for the better.

We start your personalized training program with a Workflow Assessment to uncover your needs, hear your concerns, see how you work, and a training roadmap customized to you.

The following table suggests modules I might recommend for you, depending on which area(s) of your work you’d like to address:

Area of workFor this area, we generally recommend these modules:
Refining and deepening your productivity system and practice
  • How to Recover from Overwhelm
  • Productivity Essentials
  • Which Tools to Use for What
  • Managing Your Information
  • Managing Your Projects and Tasks
  • Execution: Managing Your Work
  • Productive Habits: How to Form and Keep Them
  • Tying It All Together: V=KMT and the 8 Practices
Using your tools productively
  • How to Recover from Overwhelm (with emphasis on using tools to stay organized)
  • Which Tools to Use for What
  • Which Tools Do What
  • Managing Your Information
  • Managing Your Projects and Tasks
Working with your team
  • Communication Methods and Tools
  • Effective Meetings and Shared Decision-Making
  • Information-Management with Your Team
  • Project-Management with Your Team
Personal knowledge management
  • Recovering from Overwhelm (with emphasis on organization)
  • Managing Your Information
  • Your Toolkit and How It Works

This table is intended to present possible topics and groupings to show you what’s available. The contents of your personalized training roadmap and sessions (as well as the time we’ll spend on each module) will ultimately be based on your needs and interests.

What is the Workflow Assessment?

Prior to our first session, I’ll ask you to complete an online survey; then, when we meet for our 1:1 Workflow Assessment, we’ll look at your work situation, process and tools. Once I get a sense of how you work and what you need, I’ll recommend a custom training roadmap for you, based on what’s going well and what you’d like to improve.

Ready to start?

Schedule a Workflow Assessment, and I’ll help you develop your own personalized training roadmap from our library of modules.

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Not sure where to start?

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