What’s the difference between personalized training and 1:1 coaching?

The main difference is in the structure and format.

Training is better for those who want to gain new skills and knowledge in a structured manner. You and I will determine your training objectives and roadmap together, based on your Workflow Assessment. Your training roadmap will come from our library of training topics.

Coaching is more for those who have a specific problem and want focused help solving it. The objectives for your coaching may be just what you set out to do, or we may shape or modify them together as a result of your Workflow Assessment.

I may recommend either service based on your needs. Whatever we do, I’m focused on helping you do your best work more often.

Why do we start both training and coaching with a Workflow Assessment?

The purpose of our 1:1 Workflow Assessment is to sit down together and take a look at your work situation, process and tools. Once I get a sense of how you work and what you need, I’ll recommend a custom roadmap for you, based on what’s going well and what you’d like to improve. I may even recommend a different service than we thought you needed.

Do we offer training for teams?

Yes — upon request, we’re ready to deliver our training topics as webinars or in-person seminars. As always, we start with a consultation to determine the best topics for your team. Contact us for details.

How many sessions does it take to cover one module?

Covering the material in a single module could take anywhere from 20 minutes to several sessions.

Even in academic settings, I believe an essential quality of a good instructor is that they spend more or less time on certain parts of their material (or even skip sections altogether) in response to their students’ needs. When I train you individually, I take the same approach. How long we spend on any given content (or module) is based on your needs and interests.

How long is each session?

Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes. Ideally, this allows us both time to prepare beforehand and reflect afterward without burdening the rest of the day. After each session, to complete the hour, I take time to review my notes, think about how I can help you, make notes and recommendations, and send you a summary of what we covered (including recommended steps to apply what you learned).

How frequently do we meet?

While I recommend 1-2 sessions per week to make a concentrated impact on your work, we’ll meet on whatever schedule works best for you.

Do we meet in person or virtually?

By default, all services are remote. We’ll schedule for your preferred time, and I’ll send you a link you can use to meet with me from any device.

If you’d like to meet in person, I’m happy to discuss it. Contact me for details.