Hi, I’m Eric Mack.

For decades, my passion has been helping people do their best work more often, with less to slow them down.

I do this by intentionally combining knowledge management, productivity methods, and technology.

My team and I are committed to helping you achieve your best at work.

The services we provide to help you

For seminars, webinars, keynotes, or consulting, contact me.

You can also start with a quick survey. Tell me about your work style and what’s frustrating you, and I’ll give you personalized recommendations on how you can do your best work with less effort.

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How to reach me

  • Email (preferred): Eric.Mack@EricMackCompany.com
  • Phone: 661-242-8410 (Office)

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Social Media and Blogs

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Organizations and brands I’m connected with

Faster At Work logoMy Intentionally Productive approach applied to working with Office 365. Learn more.
Intentionally Productive: Be productive, not busyMy systematic, knowledge-based approach to help you make a greater impact with less effort.

You can learn more about what Intentionally Productive is and how you can apply it to the way you work here.
eProductivity logoThe premier productivity application, designed around the world-renowned Getting Things Done® methodology. Learn more.
Eric Mack Company logo: Work smarter, gain an edgeOur company provides Intentionally Productive and Faster At Work services to help you gain an edge. Learn more.