At the Eric Mack Company, we help busy professionals spend more of their time on meaningful work and make a greater impact. Through seminars, consulting, coaching, and other products and services, our clients learn to implement our systematic Intentionally Productive™ approach to their work.

Intentionally Productive business team meeting

Our clients are executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and individual contributors who are challenged to make a greater impact at work with less effort. Demands on their time and attention are increasing while they are often expected to do more with less.

Our founder, Eric Mack, has lived through and overcome the frustrations that our clients experience, and he’s helped hundreds of leaders and professionals overcome them as well. Combining his extensive experience and education in knowledge management, smart work-methods, and productivity tools, Eric has developed Intentionally Productive, a unique, systematic approach to work.

It’s not about getting more things done: it’s about getting the right things done with less effort.

We use this approach to help our clients free up their time and attention to focus on what’s most important.

By applying our Intentionally Productive practices, our clients now enjoy the benefits of spending more time on meaningful work, adapting quickly to change, leaving work at work, and making a greater impact for the people they serve.